The Sins of EL Diablo

by The Atomic Hellcats

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The setting Akron Ohio, the band The Atomic Hellcats. After Dave (guitarist/singer) moved to Joplin MO to be a sociology professor, the Atomic Hellcats moved on as a three piece. This recording was a bridge of sounds from the earlier punk rock roots of the band and guitarist/singer Mark's post grunge influenced writing. Mark took over the majority of vocals and most of the song writing after Dave exited the band and this recording picks up the pieces after Dave's departure. The album tracks were the live set list and in the order of The Atomic Hellcats live show at the time. The opening track and ending track even had how the band opened and closed their live sets.

Hey everyone Mark here, this album was recorded in 1997at closer look studios in Shaker Heights/Cleveland and also at Nicehead studios (aka my water logged basement in Akron). Remember this was before we all had pro tools and personal studios in our homes. The first time we recorded these tracks our engineer was trying out this new fandangled way of recording music on to a fostex hard disk system. All of the EP's we did to that point were recorded to ADAT or Tape. So it was exciting trying this new process.

At the time I was working 72 hours a week and when I wasn't sleeping we would record or practice. I'd wake up and head down stairs and Jim and John would be there ready for practice. I'd ask for time off so I could actually record which put me in hot water at work. I remember recording in cleveland and it was one of those magical times when everything just seem to go right. Everything was tight and we just sounded really good, especially our drummer. We were really excited that the material was sounding so good, shortly after though we received the awesomtastic news that our engineers hard drive crashed and we lost everything!!! lol needless to say we weren't too happy. So we headed back into the studio to record again and our drummer at the time John wasn't too happy and frankly played really lack luster. The magic was gone. Oh well, he was just a moody feller I guess.

We finished the guitar and vocals in my basement here and there when I was off of work. I think it showed on the vocals etc, I was just drained. But we finished the project and it's a pretty solid mix of old, middle, and new songs with the Hellcats. Fun to look back on.

We even decided to throw in a hidden acoustic track. Jim and I had a friend Chris who recorded the Hellcats first EP. We went up into his attic one night and recorded 3 demo songs just for fun. An acoustic version of "Fuck You" which was an old punk song we recorded on the "death ride" ep. Dave and I played an acoustic set once and we thought it would be funny to take a really fast punk song and do it super slow and dark. So I thought it would be cool to record a version of it. Chris played lead guitar and we just played it live. It was winter and I was sick, you can hear me sniffle a couple of times. It was raw and intimate. It was real.

The other two songs we did were "dream date" and we wrote the song "sometimes" right there on the spot. That song ended up being recorded under the band name "The Shirkers" later on. Any way back to "Fuck You", we gave the engineer the track and he added his piano as well as polished it a little and that's what you hear on this album.

Over the years this music has held up pretty well, I even recorded a few tunes for my latest band GOMI over a decade later. Those were times I always think back to, it's where I learned about playing and writing music. I'm thankful I had those times in my life and I thank my brothers Jim, Dave, Gary and John for letting me be a part of their lives and create music with them.

This was inteded to be released as a CD but we dissolved the band, Jim and I went on under a new name "the shirkers" concentrating more on my style of writing. So these tracks never really saw the light of day. Only passed on to friends, and samples passed on by word of mouth via cassette. So here it is "the sins of el diablo", hope you enjoy a piece of the past.



released January 1, 1997

Guitar/Vocals Mark Duhon
Bass/Vocals Jim Williams
Drums John Petruniak

All songs written by The Atomic Hellcats
Recorded @ closer look studios and Nicehead studios
Engineered by Mark Liberty of Virtual recordings

*fuck you* recorded in Chris Edwards attic.



all rights reserved


GOMI Phoenix, Arizona

This Phx AZ based POST grunge outfit delivers the rock with their guitar driven music and sing along style vocals . GOMI takes pride in not being pinned down to one specific genre when it comes to writing music. This allows their many influences to shine through in their song writing. GOMI are known for their huge live sound and high energy sets. ... more

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Track Name: Pose
making like a movie star a million dollar smile.
thinking that you're going far but missing by a mile.
the urge to kill and the urge to die they dance across your face.
the hollow look deep down inside that always leaves a trace.

go ahead and asume the position, close your eyes ignore intuition, go ahead and pose.

as the shutter clicks and your bare skins chills you're having second thoughts.
wash them down with a hand full of pills and the courage comes in shots.

wonder how you wound up here so far away from home.
where everybody calls you dear and you always feel alone.
Track Name: Hot Knob a Ho
Every time I think it's real, somethings wrong that I just can't feel do you think that I care?
Every time I look at you my stomach turns and i want to puke and I feel that I am lost.
I take it back what i just said I'm letting it all go to my head, this is all so strange for me.
I just wanted you to know that I think it sucks what we had, do you think I am joking?

I don't know what you wanted me to be, i don't know what you needed me to be.

Do you think I care what happens now to me, do you think that I have feelings and it's all a game to me?
I'm sorry man!

Nothings left for me to lose, hang my clothes on this old noose that will do me just fine.
Having all that you can give simply stirring up the shit and it's all in my head.
Nothings left for me to say cause I'll go through it all again, maybe I'm insane somethings wrong my bed is so empty now you're gone and I never knew your name.
Track Name: Once Removed
More deserving than being no one
can you help me no than so what
have I stumbled have I fallen
why must you come, come back crawling

have you no heart, have you no shame
calling at me by my first name
looking forward falling backwards
I don't want her I don't need her

you keep calling on me, cause you never wanted me

now I look back into the tall grass
holding quickly losing life fast
giving to you away it was free
can you help me will you and you never wanted what I can't explain and you thought I cared but I don't give a shit.
Track Name: Tired
So you sit alone and cry about our last big fight
maybe I don't have the answers but I care enough to try
I hate to see you down you're black and blue again
and you say you've had enough you're tired that

no longer what you said and it's always in your head
but it's not even your fault that he hates you at all
no longer what you have maybe some day you'll be dead
and I know it's not your fault but he hates you a lot

I look around at all the faces and I see they're all so cold
and i forgot how it feels being left here all alone
now I know there's nothing left inside of me for you
and I hope you walk away I've got nothing left to
Track Name: Good Manners
No I never knew what hit me I just turned and walked away
how the things you said to me that night were never left okay.
now I'm holding back falling back and take it back from you
all the things you did I will admit I've nothing left to lose

how much can i believe when you lie it's so hard not to choose.
and you're basically trying not to say that you will never lose
now I'm fighting back pointing at the things I threw away
all the things I did to you meant much but how much will I pay

again I'm sorry that you took my hand never ever had to be a man
i never understood why you did wrong I guess I'll leave it all inside my head.
Track Name: Dream Date
you want to be the one who see's you lying in it
you think you're so god damn sweet but I won't give in

I can run away I don't need to say that there's nothing left for me to. They don't want you

outside is america inside is the devil and me
Track Name: Hot Knob a Ho (Part Deux)
Don't you know that every time we speak
that you're holding on to me and I'm something that you're not.

Now you're gone, gone so far now
that there's no place left for you to hide from the things I need to be.
So i'm done, done with the need with someone who has hovered over everything I've been.

I don't know she don't know

Life goes on on without you maybe someday I will learn to never walk away from you
But I'm a jerk a stupid ugly jerk and now I'm left here all alone and insecure.

you thought of everything you asked the questions
you're taste is bitter sweet but I don't mind it
you sold your every thing it's what I wanted
I won't give into me I guess I'm still over you
Track Name: I'll Get Over It
you say you don't want me no more
as you're walking out the door
they say you've got another man (well I'll get over it)
it's okay baby I got other plans (well I'll get over it)

I'll get over it.

the landlord says the rent is due
I don't get paid for a week or two
same ol' shit and same ol' talk (well I'll get over it)
oh he can just go take a walk (well I'll get over it)

I'll get over it.

my life has been so full of shit
sometimes it makes me want to quit
same ol' shit and different day (well I'll get over it)
I try and get some other way (well I'll get over it)

I'll get over it.
Track Name: White Trash (hablas mandingo)
I've got a lovin cousin, got a burnt out wife
we got a beat up trailer, it's a beautiful sight

I've got nothing to live for nothing to lose
just sit on my ass here drinking some booze
look down on me I don't care about you
make all your judgements I've got nothing to prove

cause I'm white trash

got an ugly old baby that shits on the floor
runs around naked cause we're so poor
say hablas mandingo look like one too
my wife plays bingo doesn't wear any shoes
Track Name: Swell
can you wait inside hold it in your hands
keep the bullet clean hold it in your head
I won't ask you why the questions you know
you just close your hands tight around my gun

hide your need within
hide your fallen grin you see it

can you take it all in deep inside your mind
do you wanna forget what yoou're trying to hide
I won't ask you again the questions you know
you just close your hands tight around my gun
Track Name: Lost Respect
living life for someone else has never been my way
I've fought and kicked my way through life just to watch it slip away.
the things we want and the things we need well they really aren't the same.
the years go by and the tears go by but it really doesn't change.

never live my life that way
never give my life away
never have to say it's okay
and no one can make me stay

you can run and you can hide but you still have to pay
the price is high it's blood or time but you can't run away
I've got one life and it's not much but I'll take it just the same.
when I look back at the things I've done I hang my head in shame.
Track Name: Spoiled Milk
I won't wait here long for you

you gave away all your grace i don't know what it takes
you seem to think it's a waste I don't know should I say no.

you take away never give never gave

you had to give yourself the right I don't know what it takes.
you're picking all of the right fights I don't know should I say no

you seem to think you take it away you never knew you'd want it back, you take never give never gave
Track Name: I Hate Society
growing up in the world today it seems no body cares
growing up in the world today it's a wonder that I care

the lies they live the lies they tell are clogging up our brains.
the hurds go by the words they buy are driving me insane

I hate society it doesn't like me

growing up in the world today don't know where to turn
growing up in the world today it makes my stomach turn
Track Name: Worth it (bonus track *Fuck You* acoustic)
**Worth It**

I've always done as I was told without too much complaint
I've always wanted to be bold, but lately I just can't

got no security, got no validity, got no integrity, I've got no way to hold on tight to me.

I've always tried to fight the fight but lately I was wrong
I've always tried to do what's right and you just played along

I hope that it was worth it
I hope that it was worth the price you paid to me

I've always felt society breathing down my neck
I've always wanted to be free but now I'm just a waste.

**Fuck You**

Living in a talk show culture living out a fast food life
I don't want to hear your bullshit, I just want to fuck your wife.

fuck you, fuck you and your attitude

you told me you've got the records and you think you're super cool.
what you never seemed to realize is you are a fucking fool.
hanging out at all the hot spots, buy the t shirts see the shows.
always first and always eager is there anything you know.

fuck you, fuck you and your attitude