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This is the first album recorded by GOMI as a duo. We recorded with Jamie Woolford (the stereo, let go) at roomsound 7/29-8/5/09. At the time we decided just to record at his home studio and it was the first time we had ever worked with a producer. So it was a learning exerience for both of us.

We went into it wanting to stay true to our live sound. So we kept the songs stripped down and although we recorded bass tracks, I played the bass as if it were a guitar, through guitar amps and more like a guitar player.

So what you hear is pretty much our live sound for these songs. Hope you enjoy.

The album art I wanted to represent the emotional/relationship struggles I was having at the time as well as this being our first real release as a duo. So the siamese twin idea with sean and I as one playing musical instruments fit well.

On the cover I had us playing as siamese twins while being surrounded by foo dogs (good luck) as well as my pugs face on the drum head. The tsunami wave was negative emotion from love/relationships and how not even our love of music/good luck/or what keeps us happy in general was any match for the power of the tsunami as it washed over us.


released October 1, 2009

Recorded 7/29-8/5/09 @ roomsound in tempe az
engineered, mixed & recorded by Jamie Woolford
produced by Jamie Woolford & GOMI
mastered by Doug Van Sloun @ focus mastering
special guest background vocals by Jamie Woolford
art direction & design by Mark Duhon
All lyrics & music by Mark Duhon
All arrangements by GOMI



all rights reserved


GOMI Phoenix, Arizona

This Phx AZ based POST grunge outfit delivers the rock with their guitar driven music and sing along style vocals . GOMI takes pride in not being pinned down to one specific genre when it comes to writing music. This allows their many influences to shine through in their song writing. GOMI are known for their huge live sound and high energy sets. ... more

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Track Name: Are You Awake
Are you a friend or have you a disease
going right to bed with your enemies
I don't know what you're talking about
being every time that you're hating me

I'm afraid that you can't I'm awake and you leave
I'm a friend and you can't I'm away yeah

It happens that time is a burden we need
and it's full of lies and your memories
I don't know what you're talking about
feeling like a chore and your enemy

are you awake
are you okay
are you awake
are you a friend
Track Name: Compulsive Acts of the Pale and Lonely
How dare you say it to my face
that you don't have time to think about it
I want to not forget about it
you wanna lose me and keep your faith

say yeah that you'll live with me
say yeah that I'm learnin'
say yeah it's not you can't you won't
say yeah that I'm worth it
say yeah I think I'm worth it

I'm worn out I don't mind it
you're soft and pale and lonely
I steal a glance and I feel a shift
back in time now to you and me
Track Name: Dedication
and you'll take that I swallow, have you ever seen that show?
the one with you and all your glory, I'm boring.

And you'll take that I follow have you ever been in love?
I don't think you can be with me you're weary.

I hesitate to give you solace cause you'll rub it in my face
and I notice that you're fading, I'm waiting.

for the chance to be weakened by your ever loving grace
I don't care about this moment or show it.

So far away yeah
Track Name: Feels Like
I saw it and I felt it at the same time I don't like to remember.
Settle for a text and a warm smile, after all it's walking through that same.

when I feel like being more without you, without you and i feel it, it.

I can't breathe here and I settle for a text and a warm smile, after all it's walking through that same

I wanted more I needed more again and I feel.
I wanted more I needed more again.

when I feel like, when I feel like being more than I can, and I feel it.

being more than I could ever even think to know take it back now.
I don't feel like I could ever even need to know, so take it back now.
I can't be like I could ever even need to know, take it back now.
Being more than I could ever even think to know.
Track Name: Ginger Kids
I swear that you and me, I feel like heaven is so far
I lost it your lovin' rays, you wanna be like me, I wanna be like you.

I haven't, haven't been around.
You fell and I get sometimes down.
I see you embracing your forward frown.
you drown, in sound yeah, I'm found, when I'm down.

I feel it every time you speak
I hear it's why I'm so damn weak
erasing memory of me
you drown, in sound and I'm found, when I'm down

say yeah
Track Name: Lovers Lane
I know there's nothing left for me, it seems so real
The reasons why, it plays out for free
If memory serves, I'd leave it all for love
Instead of me, you left for the above

I love you, you.

I find it hard, to speak of things I've known
I found it easy, letting go of me
I wonder if, you're feeling the same way too
or if i should have taken the loss with you.

taking it back with you, I love you.
Track Name: Jessicas Medusa
waking up never alone I don't know
feeling beat up today, the choices that we make
take it back, wishing I'd never shown
take it back, you're thinking I want this now
here's how the situations blown

and I know that you haven't fallen back
looking for the ones you left
leaving me in the cold
girl is dressed, dressed in white you see
ghostly images of you and me harboring the hate

buried deep within me your memory
like separating sand running through my hands
take it back, wishing I'd never shown
take it back, you're thinking I want this now
here's how the situations blown

taking it back today and being alone now and I'll show you how you wait.
today being alone now and I'll show you how, you wait today you wait today.
Track Name: With Yourself
not enough oh

you and me in a tree, kids can sing so softly
I don't care about her, I can live without help
I'm alone with myself, be awake for this hell
I don't know about her, can you live with yourself?

With yourself

Have to smile when I think, wasted time in a tree
that was once you and me, I'm awake with myself
I'm alone without her, seems that we just can't learn
now I know that we're through, you can be with yourself

with yourself

you and me in a tree, kids can sing so softly
I don't care about her, she can be with herself
I'm alone with myself, walk away please do tell
I don't know what we were, with yourself, with yourself

With yourself (why are we alone)

not enough then you'll wake up and you'll be alone