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This album was recorded by GOMI in 2008 in a home studio and was never mastered. It contains material from Marks old bands The Atomic Hellcats, The Shirkers, as well as original material by GOMI.

Released as a full length demo in limited run, the hard copies have become quite a collectors item.


released January 1, 2008

Guitar/Vocals Mark Duhon
Drums Sean Ham
Bass Slade Nooney

all art, words and music by Mark Duhon except "wolf like me" words and music by TV on the Radio.



all rights reserved


GOMI Phoenix, Arizona

This Phx AZ based POST grunge outfit delivers the rock with their guitar driven music and sing along style vocals . GOMI takes pride in not being pinned down to one specific genre when it comes to writing music. This allows their many influences to shine through in their song writing. GOMI are known for their huge live sound and high energy sets. ... more

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Track Name: Replacement Song
I know it hurt you so bad, to watch me sleep
like giving an arm or leg you let me be
afternoon came and passed by you threw your fit
I laid there laughing inside a laugh within

I'll return the favor I'll hate you back
and it rings loud in your ears I turned my back
I feel so bad that you're hurting but now I know
these things we do when we notice it's how we show

remember what you said then remember now
you thought that I was sleeping, sleeping loud
but I was waiting for you, for you to snap
to say these things that you thought no one would hear.

why'd you speak so down on her
did you think that we were wrong
sorry I was just a kid
and i tried so hard to know
now in my thoughts I am alone
enjoy the things you said i did
but you kept up the abuse
now I'm scarred here cause of you
Track Name: Jessicas Medusa
Waking up never alone, I don't know feeling beat up today, the choices that we make.
take it back wishin' I'd never shown, take it back thinkin' I'd want this now here's how the situation's blown.

and I know that you haven't fallen back looking for the ones you left leaving me in the cold.
Girl is dressed dressed in white you see ghostly images of you and me harboring the hate.

take it back today and being alone now and I'll show you how I feel. Today being alone now and I've shown her how I'll wait

I know you'll wait I know.
Track Name: Recover
I don't even know how I ended up here
I can't even remember when I felt this without fear
I used to hide away in my sleep now it haunts me
I've got 9 lives and you make me use them, I'll use them.

Now I am scarred on the outside too and I'm drowning in pain and it's nothing.
When you went away I lost myself but found hope in a song by recover.

Just wanted to catch up on old times and salvage.
and remember back when I thought things were going to work out.
but you couldn't be bothered and now it's december I hate her
Reminds me of how alone I've become here without you.

You're so full of it, and you're so full of yourself.

And it's wrong for me to have these feelings and I don't want it I don't need it.

When you went away I lost myself but found hope in a song by recover.
Now I am scarred on the outside too and I'm drowning and nothing will ever go my way.
I don't even think I'll make it through another day no.
I'm sorry but I know I'll go insane.
You went away, oooh when you went away.
When you went away I lost myself in you.
Track Name: Border Sauce/Fallen Short
It's so sain, never again
hard to say why you're just a friend
Know the words to things that I've said
shouldn't be, it's not in my head

tried so hard to be my friend
I've given more than I could take

Sober dream wanted again
should I be more than a friend
know the words to things that I've said
fallen short I needed a friend
Track Name: Think I'd Be Cool
Try to be what you wanna be you know it's all a game
They'll knock you down push you all around to them you're not the same.
Now I play in this rockin' band you'd think it would be okay.
but who's cool in this life we live man I don't wanna be.

They'll knock you down and they'll push you around just to see what you're feeling today.
I tried so hard just to be what you want and I know it's me.
Now I play with myself all night and you'd think I would be okay.
Now who's cool in this life we live, man it's not the same.
Track Name: Good Manners
No I never knew what hit me i just turned and walked away.
How the things you said to me that night were never left okay.
now I'm holding back, falling back and taking back from you.
All the things you did I will admit, I've nothing left to lose.

How much can I believe when you lie it's so hard not to choose
and you're basically trying not to say that you will never lose.
now I'm fighting back, pointing at the things I threw away.
All the things I did to you meant much but how much will I pay.

Again I'm sorry that you took my hand
never ever had to be a man
I never understood why you did wrong
i guess I'll leave it all inside my head.
Track Name: Save Face
How many times must I look back
strung out on hate it's all I have
and you say it's wrong for me

how many lies must I believe
and I hate all that I see
and it's still enough for you
saving face I'll be amused.

and it's the same
being so unused today
take it away
how many lies must I betray

I know there's nothing left for me
forever lost within your dreams
I know that it's nothing left for me again today
and it's the same how many lies.
Track Name: Billys Big Bad Battle With the Morals
Never alone except for the phone I think I should know.
I tried hard for you the things I should do, say that we're through.

Tried so hard and now you go
it's raining cats and dogs you know
attraction seems so slight for me
but that girl she's only 13

should I look into the mirror
and I look at what I see
should I look inside with fear
yeah I'm glad that persons me

And you'd think I'd notice that life just isn't fair now I don't know.
When you think I'd fall down, being aloud to know how I don't think I care. I know. I know.
Track Name: Once Removed
More deserving than being no one
can you help me no than so what
have I stumbled have I fallen
why must you come come back

have you no heart have you no shame
calling at me by my first name
looking forward falling backwards
I don't want her I don't

you keep calling on me cause you never wanted me

Now I look back into the tall grass
holding quickly losing life fast
give in to you away it was free
can you help me will you

and you never wanted what I can't explain
and you thought I cared but I don't give a
Track Name: Wanted Something
and I wanted something no I think it's nothing, don't you wonder what it means to be me?

and I wanted someone I was not the only one don't you worry what became of me?

life was pushin' me down never let me get around, to the things I wanted me to be.

feeling cold and lonely feeling like the only, one who ever hated you.

swirling water all around, feel my feet sink into the ground.
burning hate and your disgust never knew I hurt this much.
Track Name: Swell
Can you wait inside, hold it in your hands
Keep the bullet clean, hold it in your head
I won't ask you why, the questions you know
You just close your hands tight around my gun

hide your need within, don't you want to
hide your fallen grin you see it.
hide your need within, don't you want to
hide your fallen grin

can you take it all in, deep inside your mind
do you wanna forget, what you're trying to hide
I won't ask you again, the questions you know
you just close your hands, tight around my gun
Track Name: You'll Never Know
You'll never know if I'm supposed to be, you think I'm wrong you're right you're living life to be an
I'll never know if I'm supposed to be, you think I'm wrong you're right you're being alive to be in today.

won't be in love today, won't be in love today

Your feelings have been shown, you'll need to be alone
you'll need to be alone, you had to have it all