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Good ol' Prom Night. This song started off very short, basically the intro and first verse. Since it was so short we used to call it Honey because it had a Smashing Pumpkins feel and it was short and sweet.

Jamie heard it when we first played it and said "finish it" and change the name. So I went back to the drawing board and added more parts. We named it a bunch of stuff before we recorded it. Stuff like Honey cupcakes, honey filled cupcakes filled with sugary goodness etc just to piss Jamie off a little. The song was tweaked a bit more during our final preproduction into what you hear now.

Right before we went in to record Jed came up with the lead guitar parts and during playback of the basic tracks the song just screamed like a song that would be played on dawsons creek or some movie. So we started calling the song VanDerbeek, prom night, dawsons creek love scene, gossip girl track and field etc. Seriously this song should be on a TV show or car commercial.

At the end of the song I whisper "vanderbeek" but Jamie vetoed us and cut it out. He didn't want to offend Mr Vanderbeek in any way or hurt our chances of this song being played on air.

We originally wanted there to be strings and orchestral stuff at the beginning but Jamie wanted it to sound more stripped down and raw. No effects on the vocals or anything. I even tried recording a version in my bathroom to use but we couldn't get it to sound right. In the end I just sat on the couch in the studio and played guitar and sang the intro live.

The lyrics to the song are about a relationship falling apart.


With yourself, no one else
Lying here, are you near, are you?

Slowly I'm moving into a parody.

You choose you knew it too
And I thought it too

I wake up, and go to bed
All else in between is a blur

You choose, you knew it too I

One you're done and I don't care that
Two you knew about my feelings
Three you'll need the ever after
Four you're more than I am wanting
Five you're right that I don't care and
Six you're missing everything


from The less we say, the more we hear​.​.​., released September 12, 2013



all rights reserved


GOMI Phoenix, Arizona

This Phx AZ based POST grunge outfit delivers the rock with their guitar driven music and sing along style vocals . GOMI takes pride in not being pinned down to one specific genre when it comes to writing music. This allows their many influences to shine through in their song writing. GOMI are known for their huge live sound and high energy sets. ... more

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